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SAP PS is one of the critical modules of SAP ERP. In today's business situation everything is seen as task. SAP PS remains for Project System. It is a coordinated task administration instrument utilized for arranging and overseeing ventures. It has a few devices that empowers the task managment process, for example, cost and arranging spending plan, demanding of materials, booking and administrations.

SAP PS oversees and bolster all the SAP ventures in organization. SAP PS is a source to organzation for arranging, creating income, use over a time of task period and gathering. PS has a steady access to information in all offices include in the task and this module is incorporated with different modules like SAP FI, SAP CO, SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP HR, SAP PM, SAP MM, SAP IM.

Objective of SAP Project System

Both expansive scale undertakings, for example, fabricating a processing plant, and little scale tasks, for example, sorting out an exchange reasonable, require exact arranging of the numerous point by point exercises included. The venture director has the employment of guaranteeing that the task is executed effectively, on time, and inside spending plan - which he or she accomplishes by guaranteeing that the required assets and assets are accessible as and when required.
Ventures are by and large part of the interior procedures of an organization. To have the capacity to control all undertakings in task execution, you require a hierarchical structure that is particular to the venture and which is shared by all divisions included. Before you can do a venture completely, the task objectives must be exactly depicted and the undertaking exercises to be done must be organized. A reasonable, unambiguous venture structure is the premise for effective task arranging, observing, and control.

You structure your task per the accompanying perspectives:

•          By structures, utilizing a work breakdown structure (WBS)
•          By process, utilizing singular exercises (work bundles)

Venture directors for the most part recognize two sorts of task:

•          Externally financed ventures
              -  Customer ventures

•          Internally financed ventures
                                      -      Overhead cost ventures
                                      -      Capital venture ventures

Functionality of SAP PS

The way of the venture manages what structure and usefulness will be utilized. PS utilizes WBS (Work separate structures) and Network/Network Activities to oversee ventures. Highlights in PS incorporate arranging of expenses and assets which can be a premise for a financial plan. Tasks are storehouses for business related expense and incomes subject to close after which venture related budgetary information is distributed to its right territory in the associations monetary framework.

Following are the other functionality supported by PS

·         Planning
·         Reporting
·         Obtainment
·         Invoicing
·         Claims Management
·         Money Management
·         Limit/Work Force Planning

Benefits of SAP PS -
  • Continuous combination of Enterprise exchanges identified with materials, expenses and assets. 
  • Billing techniques and satisfaction of different bookkeeping prerequisites 
  • Cash stream checking 
  • Project execution reporting, including the capacity to bore down to the most reduced level of exchanges 
  • High level of information honesty and consistence to numerous corporate security arrangements 
  • Embedded institutionalized assignments 
  • Easy combination with different frameworks
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