SAP HCM, BASE of All Modules

SAP HCM is a standout amongst the most critical module of SAP ERP that assumes a vital part in building a sorted out administration in ventures. SAP HCM advisors are probably the most demanding experts in the worldwide market. The general people think that the work of HR is just to hire the persons for an organization. However, HR not simply contracts workers but rather isolates representatives in light of different elements, for example, division level, installment days, installment subtle elements, assignments and more in an association. Alongside it, HR do different works, for example, advancements, and worker engagement and group inspiration assignments. These works may sound exceptionally basic but working out all these for individuals of a whole association is not a simple work by any stretch of the imagination. SAP HCM ERP is a standout amongst the most adaptable programming for HR forms generally utilized crosswise over enterprises. Don’t miss the opportunity and become perfect in SAP ERP by getting AutocadTraining in Hyderabad.

SAP HCM Modules

  • Management of Organization
  • Personnel Administration
  • E-Recruitment
  • Management of Time
  • Payroll
  • ESS and MSS
  • Reporting

Authoritative Management:

This procedure characterizes a composed approach to make distinctive individuals work under a typical stage towards accomplishing a pre-characterized objective. It guarantees a keen administration of time and assets in the workstation. If you integrate this module with FICO module then it will work more efficiently .Get SAP FICO online training from Pragna Technologies to become expert.

Individual Administration:

This is the procedure through which the human asset of an association is overseen. This procedure is used to record and follow the pay, benefits, new worker introduction, execution examination and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


It is an automatic electronic selecting process that helps HR experts in enlisting suitable ability. It opens up imaginative methods for enrollment forms in an association. You can also become perfect in other modules to work well in this module. SAP SD online training is also beneficial to become perfect in SAP ERP system.

Time Management:

 This procedure helps in arranging, recording and evaluation of worker's execution for a specific timeframe. The effect of representative's nearness and nonattendance in the association is assessed in this procedure. Likewise participation administration, count of wages, sign in and log-out report and so on are incorporated into this procedure.


This procedure as the term characterizes is about the compensation scale and remunerations offered away to workers. From pay to extra time pay, comp-off pay and pay program, everything is ascertained in this procedure.

ESS and MSS:

Employee Self-Service helps workers to independently track different information of their residency in an association. Then again Management Self-Service is an essential procedure for the administrators to make and keep up the information of representatives.


Finally, reporting permits HR group to convey thorough and exceptional data of every one of its representatives. The reporting device likewise empowers one to track the hierarchal structure followed in an association. SAP MM online training is another module you can learn to become efficient in SAP ERP system.  


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