Exordium to SAP Business Planning and consolidation

SAP BPC symbolize for Business Planning and consolidation. We can also say BPC as outlook soft. It is one of the tool that handles financial and operational activities in the firm. SAP BPC is mainly used for planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation. Simultaneously SAP allows for an easy integration and consolidation at all levels. Besides that, with SAP BPC it’s quite easy make use of reporting tools. It supports 2 types of migration or we can say SAP BPC versions –
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SAP NetWeaver

It provides multi user platforms and integrated with Microsoft Excel. The earlier version of SAP BPC leveraged the Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis services. But the newer version of this only uses SAP Netweaver, as it only back end database. But these both versions are very similar with each other. It provides support for existing Microsoft functionality and various enhancement features like drag and drop report builder etc.  

Following are the features of SAP BPC –   

Dynamic – It make use of OLAP technology, which makes the data available right at the time of entry. There is no need for aggregate data.

Integrated with Microsoft Office – It is flawlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel and has the abilibility to report directly using Microsoft world as well as Power point documents.  

Storing of Comments – It allow users to store comments at any point while working on an application.

It comes with special zero footprint option – It can access data and share reports without installing the client add-ins. You don’t need to install Microsoft office for BPC but it generate reports in Power Point, Microsoft word or excel.

It is one of the best course to adopt. SAP BPC Training is given by the renowned institute name as Pragna Technologies. They also offers SAP MM Online Training for every student, who have interest in SAP. 


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